Fourth of All, Introduction.

Je mapelle Monica Samuel. I love, love, love everything that pertains to fashion. Every single thing that concerns it. There’s this sweet and giddy feeling it gives me whenever I think of it, see it, talk about it, get to work in it, with it and around it.

I am always at the best of my creative self when it comes to fashion.
I express myself better in the World of Fashion. I am at peace whenever I deal with anything that has to do with fashion.

My best food is spaghetti and I so much cherish plantain in my spaghetti. The combination of the two set of foods is like heaven to me and plantain gives it that heavenly taste.

Fashion is as the plantain in my spaghetti (No caps).

Well , enough of the talk about fashion. I can almost think about how you’ll either be amazed,surprised or relatable with all I’ve said concerning fashion above.

It’s just the way it is. I cannot box it in, cheese.

Apart from the fact that I am a Fashion Enthutiast. I am also a Tech Enthutiast.
I can relate with anything that has to do with technology. I love the brilliance the tech world gives an individual, the aura it makes one experience. Above all of this I am staunch lover of Christ.

The rest of the introduction will come along our journey together through the world of Fashion and cities of our lifestyle.

NOTE: Prèsentation means Introduction in French.

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