• Prèsentation

    Fourth of All, Introduction.

    Je mapelle Monica Samuel. I love, love, love everything that pertains to fashion. Every single thing that concerns it. There’s this sweet and giddy feeling it gives me whenever I think of it, see it, talk about it, get to work in it, with it and around it.

    I am always at the best of my creative self when it comes to fashion.
    I express myself better in the World of Fashion. I am at peace whenever I deal with anything that has to do with fashion.

    My best food is spaghetti and I so much cherish plantain in my spaghetti. The combination of the two set of foods is like heaven to me and plantain gives it that heavenly taste.

    Fashion is as the plantain in my spaghetti (No caps).

    Well , enough of the talk about fashion. I can almost think about how you’ll either be amazed,surprised or relatable with all I’ve said concerning fashion above.

    It’s just the way it is. I cannot box it in, cheese.

    Apart from the fact that I am a Fashion Enthutiast. I am also a Tech Enthutiast.
    I can relate with anything that has to do with technology. I love the brilliance the tech world gives an individual, the aura it makes one experience. Above all of this I am staunch lover of Christ.

    The rest of the introduction will come along our journey together through the world of Fashion and cities of our lifestyle.

    NOTE: Prèsentation means Introduction in French.

  • Pas Seul À La Mode

    Prior to my first Fashion and Sustainability post, the last paragraph, second sentence, I said and I quote,

    “Fashion trends should also be sustainable over time so that everyone can have what to wear at some point and not be ashamed whether or not people would laugh”.

    While talking here i had a specific set of people in mind of which I fall into that category, Many at times one is scared to wear a particular clothing out because in that person’s mind. He or she thinks the trend of that clothing is an outdated one but in actual fact it is not as I personally believe no fashion trend is outdated (you would get to agree with me as time goes on)

    If you fall in the category I explained above,
    Do not give them reason to now make fun of you .
    Follow me, I am getting to somewhere; now that we have admonished each other not to make other people feel bad because of what they choose to wear, let us make sure that we ourselves that are been rooted for do not now wear what is not befitting , that others cannot but just laugh at what you have worn ( I am talking to the category of people that want to be liberal with whatever they wear even though it is not the current trend or a previous trend that was refurbished)

    I want to believe that those who tease other people because of what they wear are fashionistas themselves, if not, bikonu please stop, people’s self esteem are on the edge here.

    We were not all born fashionistas, some people have to learn how to dress either from people or by themselves , some even employ stylists to help them pick out to wear,some ask for advice all the time on what to wear till they can continually pick out something good to wear out by themselves everyday.

    We all want to look good when we go out, we all want to have that confidence in whatever we wear, we all want to have that high self-esteem whenever we are around people and believe me when I tell you what you wear has more than 40% to do with all these mentioned above.

    This morning, I really just want to admonish us to please stop making jest of people when they wear certain clothes and help them if you can , i.e , if you’re close to them.

    For people that are always stuck on what to wear, I am here for you,for us.

    Starting from Friday, I’ll start posting various ideas and styling tips not only on what to wear but also on elements of styling you can use to pick out something fashionable for your self everyday , I do not know it all, but I can try my best to give you what is valid coined from various trusted sources and few years of styling experience.

    Till then, ensure to dress well.

    Note : Pas Seul À La Mode means Not Alone In Fashion; because in actual fact no one should be left all alone, in things that pertains to fashion as a whole.

  • Style Intentionnel

    Be intentional about what you wear out. It is your identity and as it is popularly been said , “the way you dress is the way you would be addressed” . This saying is particularly true in many situations even if they do not walk to you, seeing your outfit, people have a preconceived notion of who they think you are even before they get to have a one-on-one conversation with you .

    Let your style be the brave expression of your fearless personality so that before people get the opportunity to relate with you to see your style and sense the exceptional personality that you have. Being conscious of what you wear is not overrated, you get to feeling left out, uncomfortable,shy, unconfident if you do not seem to dress well or appropriately, while the confidence, activeness, productivity is seen if your outfit satisfies you as an individual.

    Let your outfit be cushy (you get) . Let it suit your body and your overall personality.

    Intentionnel is a French word for intentional and Style Intentionnel means Intentional Style.

  • Fashion and Sustainability

    Most people talk about fashion and at times they do not seem passionate about it but we definitely also have the passionate ones doing their best to promote what they think and know is best concerning fashion, as an individual right from junior secondary school days, i have always had a strong thing for fashion and not just fashion, good fashion, yeah, you’re wondering , could there be anything like bad fashion? ( i’d let you answer that). Now it is presently become a deep passion for me , at times i might not have the right clothes to express it but throw me into a hall full with all kinds of clothing (fabrics too) and see me work wonders with them. The way we make blunders while speaking is the way we make blunders with what we wear and what we seem to call fashion. For everything we see people wear, someone, a group of people, a clothing brand ,or design company in a year started the trend and it went viral be it since the retro days until this present time, some individuals or a certain group of people started it.

    I have seen people all over music, all over food, i have definitely also seen people all over new trends of fashion, but to me it is not in the way i envision it, because i strongly feel people prefer the kind of fashion trend that can be sustainable over a preferably long period of time so that they can comfortably go back to it and not be skeptical about whether or not people would accept it and this is mostly because when people get all so hyper about a particular fashion trend, they get tired of it at some point and the moment another trend comes in, the previous one is quite put aside which shouldn’t be so.

    Fashion trends should be intertwined, it makes picking out what to wear less stressful. Fashion trends should also be sustainable over time so that everyone can have what to wear at some point and not be ashamed whether or not people would laugh.