La nature et mode

Did you know that Mother nature is Fashion’s industry greatest muse.

Let me tell you why;
Nature has a way of incorporating into the whole entity of what Fashion entails and breaking the usual norm, ranging from its mix of colour on flowers and the compelling aura it can give when looked upon in the sea. It certainly has a way of inspiring both the designer and the wearer of the design.

If you are someone that loves to curate unique pieces all the time. Let your mind be open to communicate with nature and see the the amount of ideas that will flood your mind and this is applicable to all aspects of the fashion industry.

Over the years, Nature has played a very important role in determining the outlook of various fashion brands and it has told powerful stories through these brands. Colours are inspired by nature, Creativity is birthed from nature, Originality is birthed from nature. I sure know you agree with me.

Today , My Uncle wore a floral print shirt that has beautiful representations of the sunflower and it was just a beautiful sight to behold. Look around you more often , there must be at least a dress, shirt, shoe, which was inspired by nature but you have not just paid attention to, right even in your wardrobe.

The saying that there is no better designer than nature still stands true . Nature has always been a go-to source of inspiration for creatives in all aspects of Fashion. Christian dior once said “you can never really go wrong if you take nature as an example”

There is so much to be said about how nature influences Fashion,  how it subtly directs the affairs of various aspect of Fashion, I simply love the opportunity Nature gives for expression and more than ever the fresh perspective it gives for design.

So, Next time you are looking for how to combine colours or what to design, try connecting with the nature you can find around you.

P. S : “la nature et mode” means “Nature and Fashion