Ce Qui Te Va (II

Hey, Awesome You;
I have been thinking as to whether I should run through the different kind of body types here or just redirect you to where you will get the full gist so all I will do is add toppings to the whipped cream (laughs).

Talking about Body Types, it has been a long talked-about discussion for as far back as you can imagine. But who cares really, who cares?. The important thing there for you to know is WHAT  FITS  YOU?

There has been something I learnt over the past few weeks whilst thinking of what to write to make my blog post about body types different from others and and this is what i figured out.

Shall we?
Kindly Follow me attentively.

Your body type is peculiar to you alone. It is never the same with the person beside you. There might be similarities, but it is never the same. Studies have shown it.

Your body type generally speaking now, might require you not to wear some kind of clothing and it could be recommended for you to wear some other type of clothing. But as a person, you love these clothes that has been said do not fit you because of your body type. 

What then happens in this scenario? What should affect your decision about what to wear that will accentuate your body type. The style you love or the style recommended for you?.

For me, this is a really critical discussion because I could  dislike what a person wears from afar whereas that individual is absolutely in love with what they are wearing because of the feeling it gives them (it could be the feeling of comfort, confidence, acceptance…….)

I strongly feel as a person that everyone should be susceptible to openmindedness especially when it comes to Fashion. The feeling you get when you see a particular dress on another person especially one that is not advisable for the category of your body type, is different from the feeling you get when you replicate that look and the look doesn’t just seem right to you.

I hope you are still following me?. I just want for you to try as much as possible to see the bigger picture.

There is the tendency for you to fall in love with a clothing that catches your fancy but that particular clothing might not be right for your body type. Not because it is in my position to decide but because it is just what it is.

We have different body types and what fits Miss A might not fit Miss B. It should not make you feel less of yourself or sad, or wanting to look that way same way at all cost because no matter how much Miss A tries to replicate the look that fitted Miss B, it might not just sit well with your eyes.

Definitely there are exceptions, whereby what you see on someone could be a perfect fit for you. I won’t dispute that fact. All I just want you to have in mind is to always go for What Fits You.  That is the aim of this post. To make you see the bigger picture and pay more attention to your self and what suits you.

It is worthy to always note that if more than two people complement either positively or negatively on your outlook (Any aspect). It should give you an idea of how you are seen on the outside. Some do it out of spite though (talking about the negative aspect now), I addressed this category of people in one of my posts https://stylewithmho.com.ng/pas-seul-a-la-mode/

Moving on, how you feel inside matters a lot, Your personal style is equally an important priority; but you see studies have been made on various body types and what likely fits each of them. I know I said you should not care in the first paragraph about all that as been said about body types, but then I also want you to be open to these studies and observations that has been made and recorded over the years. Try as much as possible not to let the fittings of a cloth on another individual cloud your judgment of what you know is best for you.

Concluding, I want to leave you with this quote to think about and it goes thus;
“As much as I know you have your own preferences when it comes to your personal style. Be open to new things and grow to love them”

Here is the link to read about general body types in case you want to know which category you fit into. https://www.healthline.com/health/women-body-shapes#takeaway

Write to you soon,
With love,

I am extremely happy to walk with you and through the journey of this thing called FASHION

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When it comes to styling, one thing which is very important that we must put into consideration is COLOUR, blending of colours.

In the fashion world, a lot of people have been spontaneous when it comes to colour and many times it has yielded the best of outfit combinations while a very few times, it had gone very wrong.

Choice of colour has to be put in mind when picking what to use to style yourself, beginning from your head wear to your footwear because, styling oneself does not only entail your clothes, it has to do with the complete package ( headwear, accesories, dress, foot wear ……..)

Colour is always a pleasant way to tell a fun style story with your look. It definitely adds that extra element of boldness” – Veronica Odeka (Founder and Head Fashion Stylist , VANESTYLESR)

Colour is essential when it comes to styling as it gives you a sense of direction as to picking out pieces to wear for yourself.

Know colours that brighten your skin, colours that does not sit well with your skin, colours you are most complimented on, I assure you  that it would shape your perception about styling. When you know more about colours, it would help harness and shed more light into knowing more about your style thereby giving you that sense of boldness that comes from knowing your own style .

Take for example, how do you feel whenever you wear a dress or skirt or shirt of any piece of accessory that has your favourite colour (for those of us who have one)?.

As for me I feel happy all day and I am always bouncing. For the record, my best colour is orange, I have other favourites but orange is my leading favorite colour.

This is for you to see how much colour is important when it comes to styling. Make sure to always put colour into consideration whenever you stand in front of your wardrobe to pick out what to wear for yourself.

In our next post, i would shed more light on our body types, so as to continue learning about our various body types and what fits our body type and then we move on to learning more about colour and how it is an important element of styling.

Enjoy this ride with me around The Fashion World.
You would absolutely love every bit of it!.

P.S: Couleur means Color in French.