Pas Seul À La Mode

Prior to my first Fashion and Sustainability post, the last paragraph, second sentence, I said and I quote,

“Fashion trends should also be sustainable over time so that everyone can have what to wear at some point and not be ashamed whether or not people would laugh”.

While talking here i had a specific set of people in mind of which I fall into that category, Many at times one is scared to wear a particular clothing out because in that person’s mind. He or she thinks the trend of that clothing is an outdated one but in actual fact it is not as I personally believe no fashion trend is outdated (you would get to agree with me on this as time goes on)

If you fall in the category I explained above,
Do not give them reason to now make fun of you .

Follow me, I am getting to somewhere.

In as much as we have admonished each other not to make other people feel bad because of what they choose to wear, let us make sure we ourselves that are been rooted for do not begin to put on what is not befitting , that others cannot but just laugh at what you have worn ( I am talking to the category of people that want to be liberal with whatever they wear even though it is not the current trend or a previous trend that was refurbished).

I want to believe that those who tease other people because of what they wear are fashionistas themselves, if not, please stop, people’s self esteem are on the edge here.

We were not all born fashionistas, some people have to learn how to dress either from people or by themselves , some even employ stylists to help them pick out to wear,some ask for advice all the time on what to wear till they can continually pick out something good to wear by themselves everyday.

We all want to look good when we go out, we all want to have that confidence in whatever we wear, we all want to have that high self-esteem whenever we are around people and believe me when I tell you what you wear has more than 20% to do with all these mentioned above.

Today, I really just want to admonish us to please stop making jest of people when they wear certain clothes and help them if you can , i.e , if you’re close to them.

For people that are always stuck on what to wear, I am here for you,for us.

Soonest, I’ll begin to post various ideas and styling tips not only on what to wear but also on elements of styling you can use to pick out something fashionable for your self everyday , I do not know it all, but I can try my best to give you what is valid coined from various trusted sources and few years of styling experience.

Till then, ensure to dress well.

Note : Pas Seul À La Mode means Not Alone In Fashion; because in actual fact no one should be left all alone, in things that pertains to fashion as a whole.