SPSS to Arranging your Wardrobe

Emphasis has been made during previous posts about the need to always arrange our wardrobe from time to time.  In this post I want to simply give three ways by which you can arrange your wardrobe and it will stay arranged for close to a month before you choose to re-arrange.

Firstly :
Section your clothes out, skirt, shirts, tops, pants, gowns,………,,after doing this, iron your shirts if at all you cannot iron all your clothes (I iron all my clothes from time to time though). Hangers will come in handy for your shirts so you can have them all straightened out for long.  If there is no available space for hangers, fold them properly into your wardrobe (note that there is a proper way of folding shirts), you can now move on to your other clothing whilst making sure that they are folded according to how they are. Separate every item of clothing so you can easily reach what you want because you know where they are all sectioned in your wardrobe.

I know some of us might have been doing this, which is great,thumbs up and ensure you keep it up, for those of us that our wardrobes are currently in disarray, TAKE A BOLD STEP TODAY TO ARRANGE YOUR WARDROBE.

Keep your shirts/tops beside  skirts/pant trouser and this is because it makes it easy to combine what to wear for a two-pieced clothing . For ladies, we know that gowns and jumpsuits are one-piece clothing so you only have to pair them with either a kimono/jacket/blazer/suit/shawl then footwear and accessory to match.

Keep footwears be in one place , accessories in a box also, it just makes dressing up everyday easier for you.

I do not know about you,but I feel very calm if i know my wardrobe is arranged, there is this sense of peace it gives me knowing I do not have to look for long before I find what to wear.
Arranging your wardrobe saves a lot of time as time would be conserved when you do not have to lool for ehat to wear all the time. Apart from the fact that some of us find it a bit difficult to style ourselves which takes time, Valuable time is spent looking for what to wear if our wardrobes are not arranged  . Putting together your celebrity wardrobe has been a total success but what is there to celebrate if it isn’t arranged.

In our last post, we talked about our wardrobe and our feelings, do you know that you subconsciously feel stressed if there is a knowing that your wardrobe is in disarray, having to go through the tussle of finding what to wear triggers frustration especially if you have to get to work early.

If you are working class, or even a student : Create time for your wardrobe during the weekend.
My roommates can testify about my wardrobe in school, once I finish washing my clothes and it is all dried,  It remains in the laundry basket until it is all ironed and folded properly before i put them back into the wardrobe. Believe me when I say I have had bad days because of an unarranged wardrobe.

What if there is no wardrobe?
Dear, you can fold them properly in your bag/box, this can be stressful as at times what you want to wear might end up being at the very bottom  part of the bag/box. If this happens often, do one thing ; Make a roaster for what to wear per week, then pick them out carefully from your bag and arrange then on top of other clothes in your  bag, make sure you include your play-at-home clothes , or have a portable carton you can fold them into so you do not have to go to your bag all the time. It is the way we pour little amount rice out of a bag of rice into a portable plastic we can easily reach so we do not have to go tie and untie the bag of rice everytime we want to make rice.

I hope from now henceforth you get to arrange your wardrobe from time to time.
Sending you Strength, Love and Light.