Pièces de dèclaration

A Statement piece is the very first thing people notice about your entire outlook,
Be sure to know that it definitely will draw attention so you must be confident in it. It is also important to think about your personality and style when picking statement pieces.

Personally , i currently have one statement piece that makes me feel joyful throughout the day and I receive a lot of compliments when I wear it.
The way you carry and portray your statement piece matters and it is left to you whether or not you want it to be noticed. You can wear a statement piece and act like you do not want people to see it and comment about it. That in itself is not advisable as it will stress you and make you come off as shy.
Let the piece declare who you are.

Drifting away from the norm,
Invest in pieces that are re -wearable and sustainable
Invest in pieces that make you bold and sassy.  Pieces that you are at peace wearing. Pieces that gives you joy merely seeing them in your wardrobe. Pieces that you are more than happy to rock every time you choose to wear them. Pieces that you are proud of. Pieces that command respect. Valuable pieces. Be it shoes, accessories, bags, and clothes. Make sure they are pieces you do not have to think twice about whether or not to wear. Every piece in your wardrobe as sectioned for various ccasions should be a go-to anytime.

P.S : “pièces de dèclaration” means “Statement pieces” in french